Available: 2015-11-03

Blackittie Band is a 5pc variety rock band from Philippines. Members of the band originally came from other regions in the Philippines and has their own band which plays different genres. Last year (2014) we accidentally met each other at Cavite and decided to form a Mainstream variety band which named “BLIND TURN”. The band started to play in different bars and occasions, bars in Cavite made us their house band and our differences in approaching music helped us to evolve to a unique playing style. Playing wide variety of music in every gig or show was easily appreciated by our audience. This year we decided to level up and spice up our approach in our craft. We wanted to travel abroad to experience new level of shows. We decided to change our name to “BLACKITTIE” and add more powerful and rock songs from 70’s to alternative rock to pop rock to reggae to mainstream, blues and even some rhythm and blues. BLACKITTIE BAND is composed of four male rhythm sections and a female on Vocals,2 of the members also can sing.

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