Available: 2015-11-03

Music Range Is a 6 member band performing in various lounges , events, weddings, debuts, corporate parties And events, and private parties, bars and night clubs both locally and internationally. Their repertoires ranges from 70’s (Retro & Classic) 80’s (New Wave, Pop, & Dance), 90’s (alternative, Rock, & Dance), and top Billboard hits (RNB, Love Songs, OPM,& Country Music) Annie – is the group band leader.The front Kenneth – Guitarist par excellence.His strong sense liner has a wide vocal range wows her of passion for Music and career driven personality powerful rendition of songs of Adele and made him the best in his kind. Apart from his guitar switches to a melodramatic evergreens playing ability, he also possesses promising stage from the 80’s and 90’s to sweet angelic personality that will surely captive the crowd voice of Sarah McLachlan, Jewel,Beyounce specially hes voice of Ed Sheran, John Legend, Etc. beat around with song from different artist Her leadership brought this band success. Yuna – Another front liner leaves her Ruby – Make way for this funky bass guitar as she take audience breath taken with his husky bed- you out and back as you get into the groove and go light room and soulful voice with pieces from easy. She’ll keep your jumpers with hits from your Tina turner,Adelle,Mariah Carey. Her favorite bands that will take you from pony tails flexible vocal transition blends perfectly to high heels. So guys, let your hair down with our member.Her years of experience in the music scence contributed greatly in the success of Music Range. Jonathan – Keyboardist in the group. He Paco – This high energy lad is no ordinary Studied and teach lesson about keyboard. Little dummer boy.As he make you reminisce He can give style and different shows. Those tight jeans and long hair years with And can also sing oldiest to country. Slow and pop rock songs of the 80’s and 90’s All around Musician.He been in so many Groups and explore hes music and shared. MUSIC RANGE can be seen performing @ Batawa Bar & Restaurant ,Bokawkan ,Baguio City. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Hope to see you soon…

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