Available: 2015-09-29

Mhar & Jheannie is an awesome duo who has been performing in various lounges and hotels locally and abroad. They have a wide repertoire which ranges from Standards, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Top 40’s RNB. This duet is a combination of class and fine performance. They have always created beautiful music together wherever they perform. Jheannie’s talent blends well with Mhar’s years of experience as keys/acoustic guitar and singer as well. They deliver total entertainment and gives the audience a great time. Their unparalleled chemistry is evident in their every performance. JENAVIL G. NAVIDAD VOCALS She has no problems in handling various kinds of songs that is requested of her. Jeannie’s charms the audience whenever she takes on the mix to belt out the numbers. She covers a wide range of repertoire from Standards, Evergreen, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Top 40’s commercial Hits. During her performances she breezes through her songs with ease and is able to interact with her audiences very well. This lady has a soothing voice which she utilizes excellently on stage. This songbird has a strong vocal capacity which can handle a variety of songs. She has that friendly personality which makes a person feel at ease on and off stage. MHAR D. OSUNA VOCALS / ACOUSTIC GUITAR / KEYS/ SEQUENCER Mar is a acoustic guitar and a sequencer player who has been around in the top hotels and exclusive clubs in the Philippines and has a distinctive style and charisma. He has been performing professionally for more than years. This gentleman has collected enough experience and has travelled many places in Asia. He plays with great feelings to keep the audience relaxed and to enjoy his performance while playing in his acoustic guitar as well. Mhar plays varieties of music such as Rock, Standards, Oldies, Jazz and RNB in this new generations of music. He can also plays songs he just never hear but can play his guitar on audience requests if it’s needed. Mhar is an easy going guy and neatly attired whenever he is on stage. He is suited in any Hotel lounge which is looking for an acoustic guitar/sequencer. His first choice is to keep his audience well entertained and you can count on him to set the evening with exquisite lounge music

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